About Us
Gulf Production

The oldest known civilization in history began along the Gulf, and came

with an art and trade collection that would continue to this day.

The boat on our logo represents the adventurous and artistic spirit. Our

company embodies the same spirit with its work in visual arts.

Gulf Production is a media company in Tirana specializing in commercials,

short films, promotional videos, 3D animations, documentaries, music

videos, etc. Gulf Productions has gained experience by producing

dozens of videos in Europe, Asia and Africa and intends to

use it to help others - from beginners to professionals.

It also aims to create the purest visual art and show their history for

centuries.Like our ideals, our work is related to the immortal culture of

the Gulf people.

We will go as far as we can to help you realize your potential and bring

the best form of you and your vision to the surface.

We are always upgrading our knowledge and equipment to ensure high

quality in all situations and for any kind of project.


At Gulf Productions, our crew is not simply a team of hard-working

professionals, but a team of artists. Creativity is our craft - it’s an

intrinsic quality to our work at every level. We take simple, perhaps

ineffable ideas and transform them into pieces of art that speak truth to

your imagination. We consider you, the consumer, to be an integral facet

to our business model, and our goal is to adapt to your needs and use our

gained experience with you to continue to build upon our sophisticated,

flexible media model for the future.

• We create the ineffable.

• We create what you cannot put into words

• What you think, we create.

• We're not just producers. We're painters.

• We make your vision into a reality.

• Together we are the future of art.

• We not only make art, we embody it.