our Professionals

Our crew is not simply a team of hard-working professionals, but a team of artists. Creativity is our craft – it’s an intrinsic quality to our work at every level. We take simple, perhaps ineffable ideas and transform them into pieces of art that speak truth to your imagination.

Producer & Director Omid is the CE0 and Founder of Gulf Production. He holds over 10 years of experience in media production in Albania and GCC countries, having directed more than 40 TV commercials, TV-spots & videos, including more than 8 TV programs and reality shows for GCC countries. He directed the documentary “Mama linda – a woman from Albania” for Al Jazeera TV in 2016. Omid is the official, registered producer for QKK, the Albanian National Center of Cinematography.
Cinematographer For over 22 years, Enzo has been working as a cinematographer, using his wealth of experience to truly visualize feature movies for film and television, and create numerous documentaries. “I love to observe–to see real life and find innovative ways to visualize and transform emotions into movies that have strong, lasting impacts on the audience. I also love traveling to places that keep me guessing–places that really stimulate my senses.”
Director & Filmmaker Fatmir is a world-renowned Albanian filmmaker, and one of the first directors to emerge in the post-Kinostudio era. He wrote and directed films and documentaries that have been selected in most recognised film festivals, such as Venice, Cannes, Montreal, Thessaloniki, Palm Springs, and MOMA’s New Directors New Films. VARIETY, New York Times, Cahiers du Cinema and Le Monde have written about his feature films, Tirana Year Zero and Time of the Comet. His cinema explores the contemporary Albania as well as the history of his country.
Marketing Manager_GCC Countries An effective and professional marketing and public relation manager rely on 12 years experience in this fields. Very strong skills and ability to think creatively and innovatively, understanding media needs and media relationship. Possessing excellent organizational and planning skills. He has worked in 10 big successful media TV- shows in GCC , KAVIAR Company , and in different other big companies.Self and team motivated with a positive and professional approach of management.
Marketing Manager Arber Bezatlliu, our marketing manager in Gulf Production, provides the most efficient services for our clients and partners.

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